The trend of dating in the 21st century is a whole lot different from how dating was conducted in the 20th century and other past centuries. Today it is a known fact that there are many ways to link up with people but the monotonous grind of everyday life, coupled with our busy schedules and other factors contribute to making dating in the 21st century an incomplete experience and could make creating a relationship with the person you are interested in very tedious.

The act of dating is a former shadow from what it was practiced before and the truth is that dating has evolved from what it used to be in the past to adapt to our modernized ways of life in the 21st century. Hence, the United States Bureau of statistics stated that from the year 2000 till date the number of people who are passing out for singles has gone on the increase and of the present it has totaled to one million people added annually and so the present number of people adding up to the single list is still on the rise today but, it is a fact today that the single ladies still find it difficult to get men for relationship.

The ways dating are conducted today is a whole lot different from how it was conducted in the past because today there are some innovative methods employed today which include the online dating method and also the speed dating method. Either way, both methods have reduced significantly the time needed in the actual process of dating and today this seems to be the basis on which dating is practiced.

Given the limited time limits restricted to people at their various work centers and also, the increased hours spent on traffics on their way to their various destinations, such conditions create little or no time for dating to commence. And so, as an alternative to solving these problems the 21st-century daters put in place measures which may solve some of this problem such as which include using the social network for communication and time engagement with their admirers.

To begin online dating one need to get an internet enabled phone or laptop and search through online search engines for online dating sites, be sure you are really interested in the one that catches your eye, then you sign up by putting your requested details and when you are in you upload your profile page by putting your display picture and brief writing on yourself on your status page. Then you start searching for the profiles available to find who might meet your criteria’s and request on a chat with the person and if accepted you can pursue a relationship with such a person, If possible you may get a date with the person.

The speed dating, on the other hand, is the process of having to meet the prospecting partner face to face and there the relationship might begin. To start a speed dating you have to sign up and then the location where you and your admirer meet is determined by the speed dating admin and most times the chosen location are usually restaurant, bar or somewhere public where alcohol is served to help ease the tension of the participants.